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Instrumental pieces - lute


Standardized title Instrumental pieces
Scoring summary lute
Title on source CARMINUM QUAE | CHELY VEL TESTUDINE CANUNTUR, | Liber primus. | Cum brevi Introductione in usum Testudinis. | [cut of ten performing musicians] | LOVANII | Apud PETRUM PHALYSIUM Bibliopolam juratum, Anno M. D. XLIX. | Cum gratia & Privilegio.
RISM ID number 00000993104603


Total scoring lute

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, printing and production information Louvain, Pierre Phalèse, 1549

Further information

Description summary 36 fols. French lute tablature. All the compositions are for solo lute. On fol. A1v: cut of a lute. On fols. A2-A4: a Latin version of the instructions for playing the lute printed in 1545|21. On fol. I4v: cut of a lute. Manuscript addition on fol. I4 of the unique copy: “Lovanii Excudebat Jacobus Bathenus M. D. XLIX.” This is the third, revised edition of 1545|21 (see 1547|20 = 1547|19 for the second, revised edition). Compositions marked with an asterisk in the inventory below are those that do not appear in 1545|21. Titles in brackets have been trimmed off the unique copy. In almost every composition the ornamentation has been slightly modified for the new edition. For further information, see BrownM 1965. For a summary of other volumes of lute music in the same series, see the description of 1545|21.


Bibliographic reference RISM B/I , 1549|38
BrownM 1965 , 1549|8
VanhulstP 1990 , no. 7
RISM Series B/I, 1549|38

Index terms

Subject heading Instrumental pieces
Additional institution Phalèse, Pierre [Publisher]

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