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109 Songs


Standardized title 109 Songs
Title on source [Manuscript music, untitled]
RISM ID number 806931548

Library information

Library siglum GB-DRc MS C29

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1700-1750
Format, extent part
Dimensions 31 x 19 cm
Parts held B cantoris
Extent (parts) 173f.
Name Brass, Cuthbert (1782+) [Copyist]
Laye, Thomas (1729+) [Copyist]
Leeke, Robert (1726+) [Copyist]
General note other parts probably missing

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], 18th century, first half
Pagination: ii + 148 (1-120, 120a, 121-122, 122a, 123-147); vi + 190 (1-14, 21-103, 105-136, 136a, 137-185, 185a-b, 186-194) reversed
A bass cantoris book containing services and anthems, marked 'no. 7'. In several hands, three of which have been identified. CrosbyD 1986 notes (p.49) that it is of the same set as MS C21. Dates on the manuscript are 1741 (p.139) and 1744 (p.192 reversed). Payments by A Y (precentor 1711-1716) appear on p.8 and p.7 reversed
Partial scribes: Thomas Laye (p. 8-24, 44-46; 1-29, 32, 37-39 reversed), Robert Leeke (p. 1-8) and Cuthbert Brass (p. 91-147; 39, 62-194 reversed)


Bibliographic reference CrosbyD 1986 , p.49

Related Titles

Items in this source 806920749 Bassano, Christopher: I will magnify thee O God my king - B
  806920828 Aldrich, Henry: Comfort ye my people - B
  806920924 Aldrich, Henry: O Lord I have heard thy voice - B
  806920956 Aldrich, Henry: Out of the deep - B
  806923158 Bononcini, Giovanni: When Saul was king over us - B
  806928874 Greene, Maurice: O sing unto the Lord a new song - B
  806925474 Weldon, John: I will lift up mine eyes - B
  806925478 Weldon, John: In thee O Lord have I put my trust - B
  806925486 Weldon, John: Hear my crying O God - B
  806925958 Händel, Georg Friedrich: As pants the hart - B; HWV 251
  806928883 Greene, Maurice: O God thou art my God - B
  806927918 Clarke, Jeremiah: How long wilt thou forget me - B; TayC 102
  806928063 Croft, William: I will give thanks unto thee O Lord - B
  806928078 Croft, William: O give thanks unto the Lord and call - B
  806928093 Croft, William: O Lord God of my salvation - A
  806928094 Croft, William: O Lord God of my salvation - B
  806928102 Croft, William: O Lord grant the king a long life - B
  806928111 Croft, William: O Lord I will praise thee - B
  806928114 Croft, William: O Lord our governor - B
  806928124 Croft, William: O Lord thou hast searched me out - B
  806928140 Croft, William: O sing unto the Lord a new song - B
  806928175 Croft, William: Rejoice in the Lord O ye righteous - Excerpts; B
  806928186 Croft, William: Rejoice in the Lord O ye righteous - Excerpts; B
  806928190 Croft, William: Sing praises to the Lord O ye saints - B
  806928207 Croft, William: The Lord is a sun and a shield - B
  806928212 Croft, William: The Lord is my strength and my song the joy - B
  806928238 Croft, William: This is the day which the Lord hath made - B
  806928242 Croft, William: We wait for thy loving kindness - B
  806928619 Greene, Maurice: Sing unto the Lord a new song - B
  806928624 Greene, Maurice: The Lord is my shepherd - B
  806928889 Greene, Maurice: O God of my righteousness - B
  806928892 Greene, Maurice: O clap your hands - B
  806928903 Greene, Maurice: Lord how long wilt thou be angry - B
  806928908 Greene, Maurice: Like as the hart - B
  806928914 Greene, Maurice: I will sing of thy power O God - B
  806928923 Greene, Maurice: I will seek unto God - B
  806928924 Greene, Maurice: I will magnify thee O God my king - B
  806928931 Greene, Maurice: Hear O Lord and consider my complaint - B
  806928935 Greene, Maurice: Hear my crying O God - B
  806928945 Greene, Maurice: Have mercy upon me O God - B
  806928956 Greene, Maurice: Blessed is the man that hath not walked - B
  806928959 Greene, Maurice: Behold I bring you glad tidings - B
  806928966 Greene, Maurice: Acquaint thyself with God - B
  806928997 Goldwin, John: O praise God in his holiness - B
  806929554 Byrd, William: Sing joyfully unto God our strength - B
  806928023 Croft, William: Blessed is the people - B
  806920864 Aldrich, Henry: God is our hope and strength - B
  806926636 Heseltine, James: Praise the Lord ye servants - B
  806928062 Croft, William: I will give thanks unto thee O Lord - B
  806928119 Croft, William: O Lord rebuke me not - B
  806928131 Croft, William: O praise the Lord all ye that fear him - B
  806928197 Croft, William: Sing unto the Lord and praise his name - B
  806928218 Croft, William: The Lord is my strength and my song and he - B
  806928250 Croft, William: We will rejoice in thy salvation - B
  806926541 Hawkins, James: Lord remember David - B
  806927904 Church, John: Righteous art thou O Lord - B
  806926952 Nares, James: O come let us sing unto the Lord - B
  806926959 Nares, James: Save me O God - B
  806926968 Nares, James: Wherewithal shall a young man - B
  806926748 Purcell, Henry: They that go down to the sea in ships - B; ZimP 57
  806925802 Turner, William: The Lord is king - B
  806920834 Aldrich, Henry: For Zion's sake - Excerpts; V (4), Coro, bc
  806921110 Aldrich, Henry: We have heard with our ears - B
  806928031 Croft, William: Services - B
  806928154 Croft, William: Praise God in his sanctuary - B
  806928026 Croft, William: Give the king thy judgements O God - B
  806928869 Greene, Maurice: Ponder my words O Lord and consider - B
  806928165 Croft, William: Praise the Lord O my soul O Lord my God - B
  806926941 Nares, James: Call to remembrance O Lord - B
  806928948 Greene, Maurice: Bow down thine ear O Lord and hear - B
  806929374 Byrd, William: Civitas sancti tui - Arr; B
  806928898 Greene, Maurice: Lord let me know my end - B
  806927529 Locke, Matthew: Lord let me know my end - A; HarL 9
  806928045 Croft, William: Hear me O Lord - B
  806927530 Locke, Matthew: Lord let me know mine end - B; HarL 9
  806928982 Goldwin, John: I have set God always before me - B
  806926254 Tallis, Thomas: O God the Father of heaven - Coro
  806925588 Wanless, Thomas: O God the Father of heaven - B
  806925587 Wanless, Thomas: O God the Father of heaven - B
  806923639 Bull, John: Almighty God who by the leading of a star - Arr; B
  806927163 Patrick, Nathaniel: Services - Coro
  806920716 Avison, Charles: Hast not thou forsaken us - B
  806927583 Marcello, Benedetto: Nell'invocarti o mio Signor - Arr; B; SelM B604
  806928978 Goldwin, John: Hear me O God in the multitude of thy mercy - B
  806926161 Stroud, Charles: Hear my prayer O Lord and hide not - B
  806926141 Händel, Georg Friedrich: My heart is inditing - Excerpts; B; HWV 261
  806926287 Händel, Georg Friedrich: Zadok the priest - B; HWV 258
  806925939 Hall, Henry: Services - Coro
  806926902 Greene, Maurice: Blessed is the man whose strength - B
  806928225 Croft, William: The souls of the righteous - B
  806928992 Goldwin, John: O Lord God of hosts who is - B
  806928101 Croft, William: O Lord grant the queen a long life - A
  806927937 Clarke, Jeremiah: O Lord God of my salvation - B; TayC 110
  806926265 Tallis, Thomas: Services - Excerpts; Coro
  806921138 Aldrich, Henry: Services - Coro
  806926586 Rogers, Benjamin: Services - Coro
  806925595 Walkeley, Anthony: Services - Coro
  806927427 King, Charles: Services - Coro
  806925912 Travers, John: Services - Coro
  806928275 Croft, William: Services - Coro
  806928862 Greene, Maurice: Services - Coro
  806925833 Tudway, Thomas: Services - Coro
  806926109 Purcell, Henry: Services - Coro; ZimP 230
  806927503 Lamb, Benjamin: Services - Coro
  806928970 Goodson, Richard: Services - Coro
  806925302 Wise, Michael: Services - Coro
  806928740 Purcell, Henry: Services - Coro; ZimP 232
  806921125 Aldrich, Henry: Services - Coro
  806925311 Wise, Michael: Services - Coro