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Standardized title Pieces
Title on source [Manuscript music, untitled]
RISM ID number 806931481

Library information

Library siglum GB-H 30.A.20

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1750-1850
Format, extent part
Dimensions 29 x 24 cm
Parts held B decani
Extent (parts) 128p.; reversed 172 + [ii]p.

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], 18th/19th century
Music has been copied into the book from both ends. One end of the book contains anthems, and is paginated from pp. 1-128. There are no pages 25, 26, 31 or 32. Reversed, the book contains services, and is paginated from pp. 1-172. Pages 118-125 reversed and all those after p. 172 reversed are wanting. Several pieces have names and dates relating to copying, including the names L. Maxey and Francis Woodcock
Individual works in the ms. are analyzed in separate bibliographic records, identified by the related record ID 20040806931481
Bass decani part-book containing anthems and services. The copying was begun in the middle of the 18th century but continued well into the 19th century. The anthems on pp. 1-58 are pre-1800, as are the services on pp. 1-30 reversed. The anthem on p. 58 is dated 1793, and the service beginning on p. 31 reversed is dated 1833. There is an index to the anthems on pp. 1-2, and to the services on p. [ii]p reversed

Index terms

Name Maxey, L. (18.sc) [Other]
Woodcock, Francis (18.sc) [Other]

Related Titles

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  806902202 Greene, Maurice: Like as the hart - B
  806913073 Clarke, Jeremiah: O Lord God of my salvation - B; TayC 110
  806914756 Boyce, William: If we believe that Jesus died - B
  806914766 Creighton, Robert: I will arise and go to my father - B
  806914775 Clarke, Jeremiah: Praise the Lord O Jerusalem - B; TayC 113
  806915063 Rogers, Benjamin: Behold now praise the Lord - B
  806930251 Blake, Edward: I have set God always before me - B
  806930256 Wise, Michael: Awake up my glory - B
  806930258 King, Charles: O pray for the peace of Jerusalem - B
  806930266 Croft, William: I will give thanks unto thee O Lord - B
  806931522 Aldrich, Henry: Out of the deep - B
  806931525 Aldrich, Henry: O give thanks unto the Lord - B
  806931542 Aldrich, Henry: O praise the Lord all ye heathen - B
  806900904 Hall, Henry: Deliver us O Lord our God - B
  806900646 Hall, Henry: Behold now praise the Lord - B
  806931541 Hall, Henry: Behold now praise the Lord - B
  806901349 Hall, Henry: O Lord grant the king a long life - B
  806901358 Hall, Henry: O praise the Lord all ye heathen - B
  806901398 Hall, Henry: Righteous art thou O Lord - B
  806901745 Hall, Henry: When the Lord turned again - B
  806931523 Aldrich, Henry: We have heard with our ears - B
  806901735 Hall, Henry: We will rejoice in thy salvation - B
  806907400 Hilton, John: Lord for thy tender mercy's sake - Coro
  806914779 Croft, William: God is gone up with a merry noise - B
  806931528 Aldrich, Henry: Give ear O Lord unto my prayer - B
  806908949 Rogers, Benjamin: Praise the Lord O my soul and all - B
  806901371 Hall, Henry: Praise the Lord O ye servants - B
  806914989 Farrant, Richard: Call to remembrance O Lord - B
  806931544 Croft, William: Blessed is the people O Lord - B
  806900272 Goldwin, John: I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live - B
  806915075 Tallis, Thomas: I call and cry to thee O Lord - V (5)
  806914867 Goldwin, John: I have set God always before me - B
  806912822 Bishop, John: O how amiable are thy dwellings - B
  806930260 Stroud, Charles: Hear my prayer O Lord and hide not - B
  806931543 Batten, Adrian: Haste thee O God to deliver me - B
  806915024 Patrick, Nathaniel: Services - Coro
  806931545 Aldrich, Henry: All people that on earth do dwell - B
  806930264 Richardson, Vaughan: Services - Coro
  806930254 Kent, James: Services - Coro
  806930262 Walsh, George: Services - Coro