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Standardized title Pieces
Title on source [Manuscript music, untitled]
RISM ID number 806931453

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lfom Accession Number 1282

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1770-1790
Format, extent score: [vi], 63f.
Dimensions 28 x 38 cm
Binding note Half leather with marbled boards. On backstrip are the numbers '53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58', wich correspond to the numbers at front of gatherings inside the volume

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], ca. 1780
Harvester Microfilm, reel 29, MS149
1. Pious orgies [ff.1-2] 2. Arm ye brave [ff.2v-5] 3. Disdainfull of danger [ff.5v-7] 4. Sound an alarm [ff.7v-11] 5. O liberty, thou choicest treasure [ff.12-13] 6. Come ever smiling liberty [ff.13v-15v] 7. 'Tis liberty alone [ff.16-17v] 8. Sing unto God [ff.17v-20] 9. How excellent thy name [ff.21-23v] 10. Go baffled coward go [ff.24-27] 11. Lead on [ff.27v-28v] 12. Dead march [ff. 29-30] 13. Sinfonie pour les carillons [ff.30-31] 14. Welcome mighty King [ff.31-32v] 15. Comfort ye my people [ff.33-34v] 16. Ev'ry valley [ff.34v-38] 17. Since by man came death [ff.38v-39v] 18. And the glory of the Lord [ff.39v-42v] 19. Great Dagon has subdu'd [ff.43-46v] 20. My faith and truth [ff.46v-48v] 21. Let the bright seraphims [ff.49-51] 22. Let their celestial concerts [ff.51-53v] 23. I know that my redeemer liveth [ff.54-57v] 24. The trumpet shall sound [ff.57v-61] 25. Let us break their bonds [ff.61v-63v]
Coke Catalogue: HC456/C2
Text in English
Gerald Coke
Individual works in the ms. are analyzed in separate bibliographic records, identified by the related record ID 20040806931453
Eighteenth-century manuscript collection of songs and choruses from oratorios by Handel; contains 25 numbers from Judas Maccabæus, Saul, Messiah and Samson. Black ink on 10-stave paper, the copyist, a calligraphic hand, has not been identified. There is no title. This is probably a library manuscript, written in fine calligraphy; the selections are divided into groups, each numbered continuously from 53 to 58 and listed separately at the beginning of the volume [ff.i-vi]. The same numbers appear on the backstrip, and this suggests that the volume might have been part of a wider collection, and that the numbers might refer to a catalogue. At the end of several numbers there is a note stating the duration in minutes and seconds

Index terms

Name Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) [Composer cross-reference]
Coke, Gerald E. (1907-1990) [Former owner]