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Standardized title Pieces
Title on source Handel's songs [...] collected by L. Buck
RISM ID number 806931437

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lfom Accession Number 1271

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1750-1770
Format, extent score: [v], 323p.
Dimensions 23 x 31 cm
Name Buck, L. (18.sc) [Copyist]
Binding note Leather, tooled backstrip with label reading 'HANDEL'S SONGS / COLLECTED / BY L. BUCK'

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], ca. 1760
Harvester Microfilm, reel 29, MS148
1. Thou deignest to call. Joseph [pp.1-2] 2. New scenes of joy. Theodora [pp.3-4] 3. No, no more. Deborah [pp.5-6] 4. Impostor! Ah, my foul offence. Joseph [pp.9-10] 5. Where shall I seek. Acis & Galatea [pp.11-12] 6. He chose a mournful muse. Alexander's Feast [pp.13-14] 7. Pious orgies, pious airs. Judas Maccabeus [p.16] 8. To song and dance. Samson [pp.17-18] 9. So rapid thy course is. Judas Maccabeus [pp.19-20] 10. O Jordan, Jordan, sacred tide. Esther [pp.21-22] 11. Would you gain the tender creature. Acis & Galatea [pp.23-24] 12. Let the bright Seraphim. Samson [pp.25-26] 13. In the battle. Deborah [pp.27-29] 14. Strange reverse of human fate. Alexander Balus [p.30] 15. Let me wander not unseen. L'allegro [p.31] 16. Blooming virgins. [Athalia] [pp.33-34] 17. As chears the sun. [Joshua] [pp.35-36] 18. Oh the pleasure. Deborah [pp.37-38] 19. Our fears are now forever fled. Deborah [pp.39-40] 20. No more complaining. [The triumph of time and truth] [pp.41-42] 21. How beautifull [sic] are the feet. Messiah [pp.43-44] 22. With thee th'unshelter'd moor. Solomon [p.48] 23. The wanton favors. [Joseph] [p.49] 24. Tears assist me. Esther [p.50] 25. Consider, fond shepherd. Acis & Galatea [pp.51-52] 26. Ev'ry sight these eyes behold [Solomon] [pp.53-55] 27. Happy Iphis. Jeptha [sic][pp.56-58] 28. Beneath the cypress [Susanna] [p.64] 29. O Lord whose Providence. Saul [p.65] 30. With fond desiring [Semele] [pp.67-68] 31. The Pilgrim's home [Theodora]. [p.69] 32. Softly sweet in Lydian measures. Alexander's Feast [p.80] 33. Lord to thee each night and day [Theodora] [pp.83-84] 34. When first I saw my lovely maid [Susanna] [pp.85-87] 35. The trumpet's loud clangor [Ode for St. Cecilia's Day] [pp.88-90] 36. Charming beauty. Time and Truth [pp.91-92] 37. O liberty, thou Goddess br
Coke Catalogue: HC456/C1
Text in English
Gerald Coke
Individual works in the ms. are analyzed in separate bibliographic records, identified by the related record ID 20040806931437
A contemporary collection of songs from Handel's oratorios, compiled by L. Buck. Black ink on 10-stave paper; according to the house catalogue the copyist is L. Buck, but the manuscripts appears to have been copied by more than one hand. There are many blank pages throughout the volume, as if spaces had been left for arias which ultimately were not copied. It would therefore seem that the manuscript had not been completed, as also suggested by the fact that there are blank folios (of a smaller size than the rest of the pages) at the beginning and end of the volume which appear to have been prepared to contain an index. Pages i-v, 7-8, 15, 32, 45-47, 59-63, 66, 70-79, 81-82, 93-94, 97-100, 114-115, 127-131, 146-147, 153-164, 179, 195, 205-211, 220, 227, 236-243, 253-259, 268, 276, 283-292, 296, 301-308, 316, 323 are blank. 'The wanton favours' [item 23] is in G minor, a version not listed in HWV. 'Wise men flattering' [item 38] is attributed in the manuscript to The Triumph of Time and Truth, but according to HWV the present version belongs to the 1758 revival of Belshazzar; no aria with this title is listed for HWV71. 'So much beauty' [item 90] is attributed to Deborah rather than Esther. Most of the arias from The Triumph of Time and Truth belong to the 1758 version, therefore the volume has been dated at circa 1760

Index terms

Name Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) [Composer cross-reference]
Coke, Gerald E. (1907-1990) [Former owner]
Buck, L. (18.sc) [Other]