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Standardized title Pieces
Title on source MS. | Anthems | Organ
RISM ID number 806931150

Library information

Library siglum GB-Cjc Chapel Ms. O. 13

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1775-1820
Format, extent part
Dimensions 19.5 x 24.5 cm
Parts held org
Extent (parts) 175p.

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], between 1794 and c.1815
pp. 2-47 in first sequence, then pp. 1-130 reversed
Description summary Collection of organ parts (including short-scores) of anthems and excerpts from Handel's Messiah in the hand of an unidentified copyist. There is an index on the flyleaf for both the forward and reverse pagination sequences. The index and the music

Related Titles

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  806931045 Stroud, Charles: Hear my prayer - org
  806931049 Weldon, John: Hear my crying - org
  806931051 Weldon, John: In thee O Lord have I put my trust - org
  806931057 Chard, George William: In humble faith - org
  806931059 Croft, William: Praise the Lord O my soul - org
  806931061 Tucker, William: O give thanks unto the Lord and call - org
  806931063 Battishill, Jonathan: Deliver us o Lord - org
  806931064 Walmisley, Thomas Forbes: O God this protector - org
  806922571 Händel, Georg Friedrich: Messiah - Excerpts; org; HWV 56/45-46
  806922959 Blake, Edward: I have set God always before me - org
  806923029 Mason, William: Lord of all power and might - org
  806923335 Greene, Maurice: O how amiable are thy dwellings - org
  806931042 Wise, Michael: Awake up my glory - org
  806923248 Wise, Michael: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - org
  806931055 Pring, J.: With Angels and Archangels - org
  806931062 Himmel, Friedrich Heinrich: Incline thine ear - org
  806923731 Aldrich, Henry: Not unto us Lord - org
  806923026 Marcello, Benedetto: O di che lode - Arr; org; SelM B608
  806922570 Händel, Georg Friedrich: Messiah - Excerpts; org; HWV 56/8-9, 14-16
  806931038 Croft, William: God is gone up with a merry noise - org
  806931065 Battishill, Jonathan: Call to remembrance O Lord - org
  806931041 Purcell, Henry: I was glad when they said unto me - org
  806931058 Clarke, Jeremiah: I will love thee O Lord my strength - org
  806931066 Crüger, Johann: Nun danket alle Gott - Arr; org
  806922930 Reynolds, John: My God look upon me - org
  806922687 Wise, Michael: Thou O God art praised in Zion - org
  806931053 Hayes, Philip: Rejoice in the Lord O ye righteous - org; HeiH (P)1:036
  806931060 Perez, Davide: God be merciful - org; DotP XII.12