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'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh town - S, pf


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh town
Scoring summary S, pf
Key or mode A
Title on source Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town [...] by M|r Oswald
RISM ID number 806519187

Library information

Library siglum GB-AB Esgair & Pantperthog MS 13


Work number 1.1.1
Voice/instrument S
Key or mode A
Text incipit 'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh town
PAE Code


Total scoring S, pf

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1770-1800
Format, extent score: f.71v

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], end of the 18th century
National Library of Wales
Incorrectly attributed to Oswald

Index terms

Subject heading Songs
Language of text eng
Name Oswald, James (1710-1769) [Composer cross-reference] [Misattributed]

Related Titles

Parent record 806519102 202 Pieces