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64 Songs


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 64 Songs
Title on source [Manuscript music, untitled]
RISM ID number 806351369

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lbl Add. 28971

Material description

Type Autograph manuscript
Publishing, printing and production information 1750-1830
Format, extent score: 225f.
Dimensions 24 x 30 cm
Binding note Separate bifolios bound together at later date to form this volume

Further information

General note [S.l], [s.n.], 1800-1803
All songs have tempo indications
Collection of 64 songs with symphonies and accompaniments for various instruments, composed by James Hook for performance at Vauxhall Gardens, London, between 1800 and 1803. Lyrics by W. Upton, M.P. Andrew, and others. Some singers are identified by name. The songs are individually dated, dates ranging from 1800 to 1803

Related Titles

Items in this source 806351373 Hook, James: The art of pleasing - S, orch
  806352106 Hook, James: You're mistaken - S, orch
  806352091 Hook, James: Ben Bowser was valiant - S, orch
  806351374 Hook, James: A bonny swain - S, orch
  806352087 Hook, James: The daisies peep from every field - V (4), orch
  806351378 Hook, James: E're my sweet freedom I resign - S, orch
  806351379 Hook, James: Flattering lovers often swear - S, orch
  806352066 Hook, James: How sweet are the meadows in spring - S, orch
  806352103 Hook, James: A little blithesome merry lass - S, orch
  806351377 Hook, James: Madam Pallas whose fame - S, orch
  806352093 Hook, James: My Highland soldier is come home - S, orch
  806352105 Hook, James: O Sally long I've tried in vain - S, orch
  806352098 Hook, James: They call me the lassie with bonny blue eyes - S, orch
  806351381 Hook, James: Though feeble be the poet's lay - S, orch
  806352084 Hook, James: Through life's pursuits whate'er we start - S, orch
  806351375 Hook, James: When Neptune our isle - S, orch
  806352099 Hook, James: When the bell of the abbey - S, orch
  806351372 Hook, James: Where winding heather creeps to Lyne - S, orch
  806352086 Hook, James: Sweet is the vale - V (3), orch
  806352074 Hook, James: Say lads and lasses - S, orch
  806352065 Hook, James: The trees begin to bud - S, orch
  806352088 Hook, James: We come fair maids to sue for love - V (6), orch
  806352109 Hook, James: What a fuss - S, orch
  806352089 Hook, James: Ye winds and ye waves - T, orch
  806352083 Hook, James: Your charms my dear Molly - V (2), orch
  806352104 Hook, James: Let bards with all the powers of verse - S, orch
  806352108 Hook, James: Come my dear girl - V (2), orch
  806352092 Hook, James: My sweet little girl - V (2), orch
  806352111 Hook, James: A tight young lad who wished to woo - V (2), orch
  806351383 Hook, James: Ye sons of Bacchus - S, orch
  806352100 Hook, James: On the brow of the hill - S, orch
  806352077 Hook, James: Maidens listen I'll discover - S, orch
  806352112 Hook, James: When April buds began to blow - S, orch
  806352107 Hook, James: Young Kitty sung the woods among - S, orch
  806352097 Hook, James: My mother was lame - S, orch
  806352095 Hook, James: Come away pretty maids - S, orch
  806352094 Hook, James: Sweet nosegays come buy my sweet nosegays - S, orch
  806352073 Hook, James: Near a neat little cot - S, orch
  806352101 Hook, James: Pretty Nancy is gadding to London - T, orch
  806352067 Hook, James: Thou'rt gone away - S, orch
  806352081 Hook, James: Though the poets of yore - S, orch
  806352090 Hook, James: As I ganged o'er the links of Leith - S, orch
  806352079 Hook, James: How handsome is my sailor lad - S, orch
  806352102 Hook, James: How many lovers claimed my heart - S, orch
  806351382 Hook, James: Many and merry are the swains - S, orch
  806352110 Hook, James: A sailor is the lad for me - S, orch
  806352076 Hook, James: Ye bold sons of Nimrod - S, orch
  806352082 Hook, James: When once by the clear-gliding stream - S, orch
  806352085 Hook, James: My native plains and shaw-thatched cot - S, orch
  806352078 Hook, James: A mountain maid - S, orch
  806352080 Hook, James: As skipping o'er the new-mown hay - S, orch
  806351384 Hook, James: Hark 'tis the lark - S, orch
  806352069 Hook, James: I am teased to death - S, orch
  806352096 Hook, James: Mary the beauty of Buttermere Vale - S, orch
  806352064 Hook, James: No it must not be - S, orch
  806351376 Hook, James: Swift flew the day - S, orch
  806352072 Hook, James: They tell me I am grown too proud - S, orch
  806351380 Hook, James: Though I am in my teens - S, orch
  806352075 Hook, James: To me yet in teens - S, orch
  806352068 Hook, James: T'other day as I sat by a green willow - S, orch
  806352070 Hook, James: When Edward left his native plain - S, orch
  806352071 Hook, James: Young Jemmy is a bonny boy - S, orch
  806351371 Hook, James: Pieces - Fragments; treble