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Overtures - orch


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title Overtures
Scoring summary orch
Key or mode C
Title on source [caption title:] Sinfonia | [...] [James Hook]
RISM ID number 806294216

Library information

Library siglum GB-Cu MS.Add.6640


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Sinfonia.
Voice/instrument vl 1
Key or mode C
PAE Code


Total scoring strings (X), ob.picc (2), cl (2), fag, cor (2), tr (2), timp, piatti, triangle, tambura grande

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information London ([London]) [ascertained], 18110918
Format, extent score: p.111-125
Dimensions 34cm

Further information

General note [London], 1811, Sept 18th (dated on p.111)
Holograph in ink
Watermark: "S. Wise & Patch"
Description summary One movement only

Index terms

Subject heading Overtures

Related Titles

Parent record 806294057 Hook, James: 12 Pieces