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41 Pieces


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 41 Pieces
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID number 806292085

Library information

Library siglum GB-Cu MS.Add.6636


Total scoring no indication

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information London ([London]), 1802-1819 (1802c-1819c)
Format, extent score: 263p. (bound)
Dimensions 26 x 32cm

Further information

General note [London], [ca. 1802-1819]
Holograph in ink
From the library of Arthur Henry Mann and presented by his family, 23 December 1929
Description summary Vocal and instrumental music (17 songs for solo voice with orch, 1 secular chorus with orch, 1 duet with pf, 2 cantatas; 1 overture for orch, 1 rondo for cemb and orch, 1 sonata for fl and pf, 1 string trio, 16 waltzes for pf)

Index terms

Name Mann, Arthur Henry (1850-1929) [Former owner]

Related Titles

Items in this source 806294449 Hook, James: Gentle zephyrs silent glades - V, orch
  806294166 Hook, James: Sonatina - fl, pf
  806294167 Hook, James: Rondos - cemb, orch
  806293800 Hook, James: 4 Waltzes - pf
  806294445 Hook, James: Teddy's return - V, orch
  806294444 Hook, James: How blessed these eyes - V (2), pf
  806294446 Hook, James: The pleasures of love - V, orch
  806294447 Hook, James: Constancy is best - V, orch
  806294448 Hook, James: O'er the seas my love is sailing - V, orch
  806294479 Hook, James: I'll live and die for thee - V, orch
  806294450 Hook, James: Where the stream thats flowing - V, orch
  806294451 Hook, James: Stay a little longer - V, orch
  806294452 Hook, James: Fair truth thou bright auspicious power - Coro, orch
  806294208 Hook, James: Trios - vl (2), vlc
  806294168 Hook, James: Overtures - orch
  806294453 Hook, James: Charlotte Bell - V, orch
  806294169 Hook, James: O Robin false Robin - V, orch
  806294454 Hook, James: Charlotte and Leopold - V, orch
  806294455 Hook, James: A bonny young lad is my jockey - V, orch
  806294170 Hook, James: The exile - V, orch
  806294171 Hook, James: Sweet was the valley - V, orch
  806294456 Hook, James: Show the sweet roses of pleasure between - V, orch
  806294457 Hook, James: Upon my word I did - V, orch
  806294480 Hook, James: Peace and pleasure - V, orch
  806294172 Hook, James: 12 Waltzes - pf
  806294458 Hook, James: Cantata - Excerpts; V (5), orch
  806294459 Hook, James: The secret - V, orch