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25 Vocal pieces


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 25 Vocal pieces
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID number 806291622

Library information

Library siglum GB-Cu MS.Add.6638

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information London, 1765-1813
Format, extent score: 228p. (bound)
Dimensions 26 x 34cm

Further information

General note London, 1765-1813
Holograph in ink
From the library of Arthur Henry Mann and presented by his family, 23 December 1929
Without composer's name in manuscript
Description summary 25 vocal pieces in various mediums (5 cantatas, 1 excerpt from an oratorio, 16 songs for solo voice with orchestra, 1 vocal trio with orchestra, 1 vocal quintet with chamber orchestra, 1 catch for 3 voices)

Index terms

Name Mann, Arthur Henry (1850-1929) [Former owner]

Related Titles

Items in this source 806294182 Hook, James: The parting catch - V (3)
  806294183 Hook, James: The Ascension - Excerpts; Arr; V, keyb
  806294462 Hook, James: As gay as the spring is my dear - V, orch
  806294463 Hook, James: Led on by hope how gay is love - V, orch
  806294464 Hook, James: Hark the silver trumpet sounds - V, orch
  806294465 Hook, James: The union of England and Spain - V, orch
  806294466 Hook, James: If love and reason ne'er agree - V, orch
  806294467 Hook, James: Love's a mighty cruel thing - V, orch
  806294184 Hook, James: Nancy - V, pf
  806294185 Hook, James: Fill the bowl with rosy wine - V (3), orch
  806294186 Hook, James: Songs - V, orch
  806294187 Hook, James: Good sir you're our prisoner - V (5), orch
  806294468 Hook, James: Irish Song - V, orch
  806294188 Hook, James: I wish I was with my true love or my true love ... - V, orch
  806294469 Hook, James: Honest Jack the Sailor - V, orch
  806294470 Hook, James: Do if you dare - V, orch
  806294198 Hook, James: Cantata on the death of Mr Perceval - V, pf
  806294189 Hook, James: How sweet the virgin mind unstained - V, orch
  806294471 Hook, James: Soft invader of the soul - V, orch
  806294472 Hook, James: The widow - V, orch
  806294191 Hook, James: A rose once growing - V, orch
  806294192 Hook, James: I must again tomorrow - V, orch
  806294193 Hook, James: No more the lark with tuneful notes - V, orch
  806294194 Hook, James: No more the lark with tuneful notes - V, orch
  806294473 Hook, James: All I desire and all I love - V (X), Coro, orch