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30 Vocal pieces


Name Hook, James (1746-1827)
Standardized title 30 Vocal pieces
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID number 806291617

Library information

Library siglum GB-Cu MS.Add.6635

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information London, 1795-1815 (1795c-1815c)
Format, extent score: 246p. (bound)
Dimensions 26 x 32cm

Further information

General note Holograph in ink
From the library of Arthur Henry Mann and presented by his family, 23 December 1929
Without composer's name in manuscript
London, [ca. 1795-ca. 1815]
Description summary 30 secular and sacred songs in various mediums

Index terms

Name Mann, Arthur Henry (1850-1929) [Former owner] [Verified]

Related Titles

Items in this source 806294136 Hook, James: Adieu to delight for my charmer is gone - V, orch
  806294137 Hook, James: All hail to the sun that gaily cheers - Coro, orch
  806294439 Hook, James: Beneath a shady tree one day - V, orch
  806294440 Hook, James: Blacksmith's song - V, strings, fl.picc
  806294145 Hook, James: The Double Disguise - Excerpts; V, strings, woodwinds
  806294441 Hook, James: Great is the bliss - V (3), orch
  806294442 Hook, James: Hail lovely rose to thee I sing - V, orch
  806294415 Hook, James: Hark how the trumpet sounds to battle - V, keyb
  806294146 Hook, James: Haste May's ambrosial reign - V (3), orch
  806292768 Hook, James: How pleased within my native bower - V (2), keyb
  806294190 Hook, James: How sweet the virgin mind unstained - Arr; V, arp
  806294147 Hook, James: In careless infancy we strayed - V, strings
  806294148 Hook, James: Love by turns torments transports us - V (3), pf
  806294149 Hook, James: Mary loved an honest sailor - V, orch
  806294177 Hook, James: Nay prithee stand back Mister Hector - V, strings
  806294150 Hook, James: No more repine in pensive strain - V (2), bc
  806294151 Hook, James: Now set the bells a-ringing
  806294152 Hook, James: How often did I flowrets twine - V, orch
  806294153 Hook, James: A rosebud by my early walk - V, keyb
  806294154 Hook, James: O tell me sincerely - V, keyb
  806294144 Hook, James: The Double Disguise - Excerpts; S, strings, woodwinds
  806294430 Hook, James: The Fair Peruvian - Excerpts; V (4), orch
  806294155 Hook, James: Some act of love's bound to rehearse - V (2), b
  806294173 Hook, James: The secret - Arr; V, i, keyb
  806292757 Hook, James: Sweet nanny - V, keyb
  806294443 Hook, James: No truant heart I render love to thee - V (2), orch
  806294156 Hook, James: Though rivals still as friends agree
  806294157 Hook, James: He was numbered amongst the transgressors - V, keyb
  806294158 Hook, James: Have mercy Lord on me - V, keyb
  806294159 Hook, James: I waited meekly for the Lord - V (2), keyb