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36 Songs


Name Hook, James (1746-1827) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 36 Songs
Title on source [Manuscript music, untitled]
RISM ID number 806253060

Library information

Library siglum GB-Llbhf DD/570/1

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1770-1800
Format, extent score: 330p.
Dimensions Different sizes

Further information

General note [S.l], [s.n.], end of the 18th century
Songs for voice and orchestra by James Hook, performed at Vauxhall Gardens. The date 1794 is found on the spine. On the front end-paper is an 'Extract from Grove's Dictionary of Music' written in blue ink. Bars in the score are left blank where rests would normally be or when the instrument doubles another part

Related Titles

Items in this source 806230575 Hook, James: I know a thing or two - S, orch
  806230541 Hook, James: The daisied mead once Laura strayed - S, orch
  806230571 Hook, James: Kate of Dover - T, orch
  806230568 Hook, James: Alone by the light of the moon - T, orch
  806230540 Hook, James: Great Britain triumphant - V (6), orch
  806230559 Hook, James: Come pretty Poll from tears refrain - T, orch
  806230555 Hook, James: She never thinks on me - T, orch
  806230553 Hook, James: Ye true British sportsmen - T, orch
  806230548 Hook, James: Molly of the mead - T, orch
  806230556 Hook, James: Say my sweet girl can you love me - T, orch
  806230546 Hook, James: Each fluent bard replete - T, orch
  806230552 Hook, James: Let sons of slaughter show their skill - T, orch
  806230544 Hook, James: The little waste - T, orch
  806230572 Hook, James: Love thou strange lascivious boy - T, orch
  806230560 Hook, James: The Cottage in the Grove - T, orch
  806230570 Hook, James: In liquor we're all honest fellows - T, strings, cor (2)
  806230545 Hook, James: The bonny collier's daughter - T, orch
  806230566 Hook, James: 'Twas pretty Poll and honest Jack - T, orch
  806230567 Hook, James: The solace of life - T, orch
  806230547 Hook, James: The woodlark is heard through the grove - S, orch
  806230562 Hook, James: Dear William shall leave me no more - S, orch
  806230550 Hook, James: Attend all ye nymphs and ye swain - T, strings
  806230574 Hook, James: The first of June - T, orch
  806230569 Hook, James: Deep in love but dare not speak - S, orch
  806230573 Hook, James: The fair of Britons tale - T, orch
  806230558 Hook, James: Dear Little Cottage - S, orch
  806230564 Hook, James: In storms when clouds obscure the sky - T, orch
  806230542 Hook, James: In this chaos of new-fangled modes - T, orch
  806230557 Hook, James: Yarrow vale - S, orch
  806230543 Hook, James: Hunting and drinking - T, orch
  806230549 Hook, James: Sweet girl by the light of the moon - T, orch
  806230561 Hook, James: Sweet love I'll marry thee - S, orch
  806230563 Hook, James: The village maiden - T, orch
  806253059 Hook, James: Master shepherd - T, orch
  806230554 Hook, James: Wine is the cordial that conquers despair - T, orch
  806230565 Hook, James: Dearly do I love her - T, orch