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'Midst silent shades and purling streams - V (4)


Name Smith, John Stafford (1750-1836) [Ascertained]
Standardized title 'Midst silent shades and purling streams
Scoring summary V (4)
Key or mode E|b
Title on source 'Midst Silent shades and Purling streams. Glee [...] Jn.|o Stafford Smith
RISM ID number 806152726

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lms
Shelfmark D.18-20
Library Madrigal Society


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Andante
Voice/instrument S 1
Key or mode E|b
Text incipit 'Midst silent shades and purling streams
PAE Code
 Engraving incipit...
Work number 1.2.1
Title of movement, tempo Allegro
Voice/instrument S 1
Key or mode E|b
Text incipit But if the trumpet's loud alarms
PAE Code
 Engraving incipit...


Total scoring V (4)

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1777-1800
Format, extent 3 ms. parts
Dimensions 29.5 x 23.5 cm
Parts held S 1, 2, B
Extent (parts) p. 46-47
General note 4th part missing

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], end of the 18th century
Incomplete, wanting a fourth part
Printed in A sixteenth collection of catches, canons and glees for three, four, five ... voices never before published selected by Thomas Warren (London [1763/94])
Madrigal Society Collection

Index terms

Subject heading Glees
Language of text eng

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Parent record 806152682 71 Vocal pieces