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Vocal pieces - V (3)


Name Byrd, William (1540c-1623)
Standardized title Vocal pieces
Scoring summary V (3)
Title on source Songs of sundry natures, some of Gravity, and others of Mirth, fit for all Companies and Voices. Lately made and composed into Musick of 3. 4. 5. & 6. parts: and published for the delight of all such as take pleasure in the exercise of that Art
RISM ID number 806036845

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lbl
Shelfmark Add. 23626
Library The British Library

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1700-1800
Format, extent score: f. 1r-124r

Further information

General note [S.l.], [s.n.], 18th century
Lord in thy rage / Right blest are they / Lord in thy wrath / O God which art most mercifull / Lord hear my prayer / From depth of sin / Attend mine humble prayer / (à 4) / O Lord my God / (à 6) / Behold how good a thing it is / (The Second Part) And as the pleasant morning dear / Unto the hills mine eyes I lift / Christ rising again from the dead / (The Second Part) Christ is risen / [Christmas carols] / (à 4) / Rejoice rejoice with heart and voice / Cast off all doubtfull care / (à 5) / From virgin's womb / (à 6) / An earthly tree a heav'nly fruit it bore / [Madrigals] (à 3) / Susanna fair / The Nightingale so pleasant and so gay / When younglings first on Cupid fix their sight / (The Second part) But when by proof / Upon a summer's day / (The Second Part) When for a boat / The greedy Hawk / In chrystal Tow'rs / (à 4) / Is Love a boy / (The Second Part) Boy pitty me / Wounded I am / (The Second Part) Yet of us Twain / From Citheron the warlike boy is fled / (The Second Part) [T]here careless thoughts / (The Third Part) If Love be just / While that the sun / (à 5) / Weeping full sore / Penelope that longed for the sight of her Ulisses / Compell The Hawk to sit / See those sweet eyes / (The second part) Love would discharge / When I was otherwise / When first by force of fatal destiny / I thought that love had been a boy / O Dear life when may it be / If gold all burnish'd / (The Second Part) Her breath is more sweet / (à 6) / Who made thee Hob forsake the Plow / And think ye Nimphs to scorn at Love / (The Second Part) Love is a fit of Pleasure / If in thine heart

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Subject heading Vocal pieces
Language of text eng