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153 Psalms - V (X), lute


Name Rahel, Sydrach (1626a+)
Standardized title 153 Psalms
Scoring summary V (X), lute
Title on source [without title]
RISM ID number 800250115

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lbl
Shelfmark Royal Appendix 64
Former shelfmark (olim) Add. 5341
Library The British Library


Total scoring V (X), lute

Material description

Type Manuscript copy
Publishing, printing and production information 1600-1649 (17.1d)
Format, extent score: 28f.

Further information

General note Die Texte dieser 153 vokalen Kanons, bei denen die Laute unisono mit den Vokalstimmen geführt ist, bestehen aus den ersten Zeilen jeweils von jedem der 150 Psalmen (außer: "Oratio Dominica" und zwei Versionen von "Vivat Jacobus primus")
The texts of these 53 vocal canons, which are to be sung with lute in unison with the voices, consist of the first lines of each of the 150 psalms (in the Latin Vulgate version), and the "Oratorio Dominica" and "Vivat Jacobus primus" (2 settings)
Die in Französisch geschriebenen Widmung an James I. läßt vermuten, daß die Kanons durch die Laute begleitet (das heißt unisono mit den Stimmen) werden sollten
From the dedication to James I., in French, it appears that they are intended to be accompanied by the lute, i.e. in unison with the voices
Komponistenname in der Handschrift: "Sydrach Rahel"
Composer's name in manuscript: "Sydrach Rahel"
Datierung der Handschrift: während der Herrschaft von James I
Date on manuscript: during reign of James I.
Die Handschriften Royal Appendix 1-89 wurden 1757 von George II dem British Museum übergeben


Bibliographic reference Hughes-HughesB 1906 , vol.1, p.115

Index terms

Name James I, King of England (1566-1625) [Dedicatee]
George II, King of Great Britain (1683-1760) [Former owner] [Ascertained]

Related titles

Items in this source (153) 800250116 Rahel, Sydrach: Beatus vir qui non abiit - V (X), lute
  800250117 Rahel, Sydrach: Quare fremuerunt gentes - V (X), lute
  800250118 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine quid multiplicati sunt - V (X), lute
  800250119 Rahel, Sydrach: Cum invocarem - V (X), lute
  800250120 Rahel, Sydrach: Verba mea auribus percipe Domine - V (X), lute
  800250121 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine ne in furore tuo - V (X), lute
  800250123 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine Dominus noster - V (X), lute
  800250124 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitebor tibi Domine - V (X), lute
  800250125 Rahel, Sydrach: In Domino confido - V (X), lute
  800250126 Rahel, Sydrach: Salvum me fac Domine - V (X), lute
  800250127 Rahel, Sydrach: Usquequo Domine oblivisceris me - V (X), lute
  800250128 Rahel, Sydrach: Psalms - V (X), lute
  800250129 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine quis habitabit - V (X), lute
  800250130 Rahel, Sydrach: Conserva me Domine - V (X), lute
  800250131 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaudi Domine justitiam meam - V (X), lute
  800250132 Rahel, Sydrach: Diligam te Domine - V (X), lute
  800250133 Rahel, Sydrach: Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei - V (X), lute
  800250134 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaudiat te Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250135 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine in virtute tua - V (X), lute
  800250136 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus Deus meus - V (X), lute
  800250137 Rahel, Sydrach: Dominus regit me - V (X), lute
  800250138 Rahel, Sydrach: Domini est terra - V (X), lute
  800250139 Rahel, Sydrach: Ad te Domine levavi - V (X), lute
  800250140 Rahel, Sydrach: Judica me Domine - V (X), lute
  800250141 Rahel, Sydrach: Dominus illuminatio nostra - V (X), lute
  800250142 Rahel, Sydrach: Ad te Domine clamabo - V (X), lute
  800250143 Rahel, Sydrach: Afferte Domino filii Dei - V (X), lute
  800250144 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaltabo te Domine - V (X), lute
  800250145 Rahel, Sydrach: In te Domine speravi - V (X), lute
  800250146 Rahel, Sydrach: Beati quorum remissae sunt iniquitates - V (X), lute
  800250147 Rahel, Sydrach: Exsultate justi in Domino - V (X), lute
  800250148 Rahel, Sydrach: Benedicam Dominum - V (X), lute
  800250149 Rahel, Sydrach: Judica Domine - V (X), lute
  800250150 Rahel, Sydrach: Dixit injustus - V (X), lute
  800250151 Rahel, Sydrach: Noli aemulari in malignantibus - V (X), lute
  800250152 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine ne in furore tuo - V (X), lute
  800250153 Rahel, Sydrach: Dixi custodiam vias meas - V (X), lute
  800250154 Rahel, Sydrach: Exspectans exspectavit cor meum - V (X), lute
  800250155 Rahel, Sydrach: Beatus vir qui intelligit - V (X), lute
  800250156 Rahel, Sydrach: Quemadmodum desiderat cervus - V (X), lute
  800250157 Rahel, Sydrach: Judica me Deus - V (X), lute
  800250158 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus auribus nostris audivimus - V (X), lute
  800250159 Rahel, Sydrach: Eructavit cor meum - V (X), lute
  800250160 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus noster refugium - V (X), lute
  800250161 Rahel, Sydrach: Omnes gentes plaudite manibus - V (X), lute
  800250162 Rahel, Sydrach: Magnus Dominus et laudabilis nimis - V (X), lute
  800250163 Rahel, Sydrach: Audite haec omnes gentes - V (X), lute
  800250164 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus deorum Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250165 Rahel, Sydrach: Miserere - V (X), lute
  800250166 Rahel, Sydrach: Quid gloriaris in malitia - V (X), lute
  800250167 Rahel, Sydrach: Dixit insipiens in corde suo - V (X), lute
  800250168 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus in nomine tuo - V (X), lute
  800250169 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaudi Deus orationem meam - V (X), lute
  800250170 Rahel, Sydrach: Miserere mei Deus quoniam - V (X), lute
  800250171 Rahel, Sydrach: Miserere mei Deus miserere mei - V (X), lute
  800250172 Rahel, Sydrach: Si vere utique - V (X), lute
  800250173 Rahel, Sydrach: Eripe me de inimicis meis - V (X), lute
  800250174 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus reppulisti nos - V (X), lute
  800250175 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaudi Deus deprecationem meam - V (X), lute
  800250176 Rahel, Sydrach: Nonne Deo subjecta erit anima mea - V (X), lute
  800250177 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus Deus meus ad te de luce vigilo - V (X), lute
  800250178 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaudi Deus orationem meam - V (X), lute
  800250179 Rahel, Sydrach: Te decet hymnus - V (X), lute
  800250180 Rahel, Sydrach: Jubilate Deo omnis terra - V (X), lute
  800250181 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus miserere mihi - V (X), lute
  800250182 Rahel, Sydrach: Exsurgat Deus - V (X), lute
  800250183 Rahel, Sydrach: Salvum me fac Deus - V (X), lute
  800250184 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus in adjutorium - V (X), lute
  800250185 Rahel, Sydrach: In te Domine speravi - V (X), lute
  800250186 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus judicium tuum - V (X), lute
  800250187 Rahel, Sydrach: Quam bonus Israel Deus - V (X), lute
  800250188 Rahel, Sydrach: Ut quid Deus reppulisti in finem - V (X), lute
  800250189 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitebimur tibi Deus - V (X), lute
  800250190 Rahel, Sydrach: Notus in Judaea - V (X), lute
  800250191 Rahel, Sydrach: Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi - V (X), lute
  800250192 Rahel, Sydrach: Attendite popule meus - V (X), lute
  800250193 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus venerunt gentes - V (X), lute
  800250194 Rahel, Sydrach: Qui regis Israel - V (X), lute
  800250195 Rahel, Sydrach: Exsultate Deo - V (X), lute
  800250196 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus stetit in synagoga deorum - V (X), lute
  800250197 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus qui similis erit tibi - V (X), lute
  800250198 Rahel, Sydrach: Quam dilecta tabernacula - V (X), lute
  800250199 Rahel, Sydrach: Benedixisti Domine - V (X), lute
  800250200 Rahel, Sydrach: Inclina Domine aurem - V (X), lute
  800250201 Rahel, Sydrach: Fundamenta ejus in montibus sanctis - V (X), lute
  800250202 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine Deus salutis meae - V (X), lute
  800250203 Rahel, Sydrach: Misericordiae Domini - V (X), lute
  800250204 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine refugium factus es - V (X), lute
  800250205 Rahel, Sydrach: Qui habitat - V (X), lute
  800250206 Rahel, Sydrach: Bonum est confiteri - V (X), lute
  800250207 Rahel, Sydrach: Dominus regnavit - V (X), lute
  800250208 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus ultionum Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250209 Rahel, Sydrach: Venite exsultemus Domino - V (X), lute
  800250210 Rahel, Sydrach: Cantate Domino canticum novum - V (X), lute
  800250211 Rahel, Sydrach: Dominus regnavit exsultet terra - V (X), lute
  800250212 Rahel, Sydrach: Cantate Domino canticum novum quia mirabilia fecit - V (X), lute
  800250213 Rahel, Sydrach: Dominus regnavit irascantur populi - V (X), lute
  800250214 Rahel, Sydrach: Jubilate Deo - V (X), lute
  800250215 Rahel, Sydrach: Misericordiam et judicium cantabo - V (X), lute
  800250216 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine exaudi orationem meam - V (X), lute
  800250217 Rahel, Sydrach: Benedic anima mea - V (X), lute
  800250218 Rahel, Sydrach: Benedic anima mea - V (X), lute
  800250219 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitemini - V (X), lute
  800250220 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitemini Domino quoniam - V (X), lute
  800250221 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus quoniam - V (X), lute
  800250222 Rahel, Sydrach: Paratum cor meum Deus - V (X), lute
  800250223 Rahel, Sydrach: Deus laudem meam ne tacueris - V (X), lute
  800250224 Rahel, Sydrach: Dixit Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250225 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitebor tibi Domine Deus meus in toto corde meo - V (X), lute
  800250226 Rahel, Sydrach: Beatus vir - V (X), lute
  800250227 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate pueri - V (X), lute
  800250228 Rahel, Sydrach: In exitu Israel - V (X), lute
  800250229 Rahel, Sydrach: Dilexi quoniam exaudiet Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250230 Rahel, Sydrach: Credidi - V (X), lute
  800250231 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate Dominum - V (X), lute
  800250232 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus - V (X), lute
  800250233 Rahel, Sydrach: Beati immaculati in via - V (X), lute
  800250234 Rahel, Sydrach: Ad Dominum cum tribularer - V (X), lute
  800250235 Rahel, Sydrach: Levavi oculos meos - V (X), lute
  800250236 Rahel, Sydrach: Laetatus sum - V (X), lute
  800250237 Rahel, Sydrach: Ad te levavi oculos - V (X), lute
  800250238 Rahel, Sydrach: Nisi quia Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250239 Rahel, Sydrach: Qui confidunt - V (X), lute
  800250240 Rahel, Sydrach: In convertendo - V (X), lute
  800250241 Rahel, Sydrach: Nisi Dominus - V (X), lute
  800250242 Rahel, Sydrach: Beati omnes - V (X), lute
  800250243 Rahel, Sydrach: Sacred songs - V (X), lute
  800250244 Rahel, Sydrach: De profundis - V (X), lute
  800250245 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine non est exaltatum - V (X), lute
  800250246 Rahel, Sydrach: Memento Domine David - V (X), lute
  800250247 Rahel, Sydrach: Ecce quam bonum - V (X), lute
  800250248 Rahel, Sydrach: Ecce nunc benedicite - V (X), lute
  800250249 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate nomen - V (X), lute
  800250250 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus quoniam in aet... - V (X), lute
  800250251 Rahel, Sydrach: Super flumina Babylonis - V (X), lute
  800250252 Rahel, Sydrach: Confitebor tibi Domine - V (X), lute
  800250253 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine probasti me - V (X), lute
  800250254 Rahel, Sydrach: Eripe me Domine - V (X), lute
  800250255 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine clamavi ad te - V (X), lute
  800250256 Rahel, Sydrach: Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi - V (X), lute
  800250257 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine exaudi orationem meam auribus - V (X), lute
  800250258 Rahel, Sydrach: Benedictus Dominus Deus meus - V (X), lute
  800250259 Rahel, Sydrach: Exaltabo te Deus - V (X), lute
  800250260 Rahel, Sydrach: Lauda anima mea - V (X), lute
  800250261 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate Dominum quoniam bonus est psalmus - V (X), lute
  800250262 Rahel, Sydrach: Lauda Jerusalem - V (X), lute
  800250263 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate Dominum de caelis - V (X), lute
  800250264 Rahel, Sydrach: Cantate Domino canticum novum laus ejus in eccl... - V (X), lute
  800250265 Rahel, Sydrach: Laudate Dominum in sanctis ejus - V (X), lute
  800250266 Rahel, Sydrach: Oratio dominicale - V (X), lute
  800250267 Rahel, Sydrach: Vivat Jacobus primus rex Angliae - V (X), lute
  800250268 Rahel, Sydrach: Vivat Jacobus primus rex Angliae - V (X), lute
  800250122 Rahel, Sydrach: Domine Deus meus in te speravi - V (X), lute