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Flavio re di Longobardi - HWV 16


Name Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) [Ascertained]
Standardized title Flavio re di Longobardi
Title on source [caption title, f.1:] Ouverture Flavio | [heading, f.5:] "Emilio Opera"
Additional title Emilia
Rule type RISM
RISM ID No. 804002162

Library information

Library siglum GB-Lbl R.M.20.b.1.


Work number 1.1.1
Title of movement, tempo Ouverture.
Voice/instrument vl 1
Key or mode g
PAE Code
Work number 1.2.1
Title of movement, tempo [Recitativo].
Role Vitige
Voice/instrument S
Text incipit Fra i ciechi orror notturni
PAE Code
Work number 1.3.1
Title of movement, tempo tutti.
Voice/instrument i
Key or mode B|b
PAE Code
Work number 1.3.2
Role Teodata
Voice/instrument A
Key or mode B|b
Text incipit Ricordati mio ben
PAE Code


Total scoring S (2), A (3), T, B, B (T), T (B), orch

Material description

Type Autograph manuscript
Publishing, Printing and Production Information 1723 (1723)
Format, extent score: 91f.
Dimensions 23,5 x 29,5 cm

Further information

General note Datierungsvermerk auf f.88r: "Fine dell Opera / London May 7. / 1723."
Note about dating on f.88r: "Fine dell Opera / London May 7. / 1723."
Folgende Interpretennamen auf f.85v vermerkt: "Cuz[zoni].", "Dur[astanti].", "Sin[esino].", "Bern[stadt] e Rob[inson]", "Gord[on].", "Boschi."
Names of performers on f.85v: "Cuz[zoni].", "Dur[astanti].", "Sin[esino].", "Bern[stadt] e Rob[inson]", "Gord[on].", "Boschi."
Für eine detaillierte Beschreibung der Komposition siehe: Datenbank von GB-Lbl und SquireK 1927
For a detailed description of the composition see: database of GB-Lbl and SquireK 1927
Note on Performance Performance date: 14.05.1723 London, King's Theatre
Description summary Dramma per musica in 3 acts


Catalog of works HWV , 16
Bibliographic reference SquireK 1927 , vol.1, p.31-32
ChrysanderH 1858 , vol.67

Index terms

Subject heading Operas
Language of text ita
Name Haym, Nicola Francesco (1678-1729) [Text author] [Ascertained]
Noris, Matteo (1640-1714) [Text author] [Ascertained]
Durastanti, Margherita (1680c*) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Bernardi, Francesco (1759+) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Berenstadt, Gaetano (18.sc) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Robinson, Anastasia (1692c-1755) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Gordon, Alexander (1692c-1755c) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Boschi, Giuseppe Maria (1675c*) [Performer] [Ascertained]
Cuzzoni, Francesca (1696-1778) [Performer] [Ascertained]

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